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The Norm of Reciprocity - How do you get someone to do you a favor?
You can use luck to achieve your goals
Lucky for Life - Using quantum physics to influence your future
Dramatically increase how Luck works to better your life
Want to win at the casino? Learn about the Gambler's Fallacy Device
Poker players are starting to lose to robots...Can they survive?
Relentless and resilient - Bad Luck and Adversity
How overcoming bad luck is really a skill


Your ability to adapt  to new things will become your greatest asset
Facing adversity while doing everything right
2018 Indoor Simplot Games at Idaho State University plus Photos
2018 Indoor Western State Track Meet Info and Photos
Mastering a skill while looking graceful
The Gilpin Football Field and Track Rendering with Venue Information
Build Momentum into your plans...Keep moving in the right direction
Gilpin Football 2017 Season Summary
Simplicity is required for reliability
Shape your future by planning ahead
Lowering the bar is common practice now - Learn to elevate your game instead
Here’s to the gut check - Mind Control
Negativity in the face of adversity exposes your lack of reliability
What is individual sacrifice as part of a team? It keeps us all together
Failure and success go hand in hand - How do you win the battle?
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Do you have much to offer those around you?
There's more to fortitude than strength in the face of adversity
The definition of success is easy to understand if you change just this one thing
Are you climbing the right mountain? The skill you need to find out
Here is one key to maximizing your natural talent
Here's the key to top performance when it counts
Open Letter of support for Gilpin's Fighting Eagles Stadium and Track
How do you pick which road to take? The decision is not complicated
Adversity improves performance - the simple formula for success
No Excuses - How using extreme ownership to live and thrive works
Pushed to the edge - The great ones are driven


Perspective in all situations is the key to successful leadership
Advice to Students as they move past school
Getting better at device input everyday
Setting up a PayPal Account and using PayPal Pools
Armed robots will save your life one day
You have to be good at good at these 3 things
Distractions are not going away - Learn to deal with them
Simplicity is required for reliability
Can you develop your sixth sense?
Make things better through your interactions
Why is life so hard?
What's the one skill that makes you bulletproof? Opportunity recognition
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How to teach something to someone - Here are the two key strategies
What direction am I facing? You could be going really fast in the wrong direction
How to be less distracted - Focus on the task at hand
Kids nowadays don't know how to mop - Millennials in the workplace
Don't be afraid of failure - How to create the right mindset for success
You have to be ready to adapt - Find out the skill that you need as you grow
It's what you do every day that matters - Do good now and the rest will take care of itself
What is thinking? I bet you have never thought of it this way
Using virtual reality to help those entering life after death
How do I get out of work? In the future, you may not have to