Craig Ball is a Business Consultant that uses his many years of casino ownership experience to pull back the curtains on powerful casino operation techniques any business can use to profit.  

Below you will find a few different ways to use me and my team to bring your project to the next level. 

If you see something that might align with your needs, please reach out to me, I'd love to chat about your situation. 

Project Operations: The business world is changing fast. You had better be moving in the right direction or you will be left behind. Use our considerable experience with integrating technology as you take on new projects or contemplate strategic variations in direction. We advise and partner with businesses to embrace the dynamic shifts in the latest business practices while training your team to take advantage of technology. We will advise you on how to use social media as a growth tool and provide you with the knowledge that so many are using to stay relevant in today's business environment. 

Project Financing: If you have a good idea for a project or service and need help financing your team and I can help bring in the right investment for your consideration. Large venture capitalists are hard to work with and are often too rigid in their protocols.  At SPINWIT, we can move fast. The investment and financial worlds are full of sharks and charlatans; we can bring our considerable experience to bear on your behalf while crafting a funding package that is fair and profitable for all sides. 

Business Plan Development and Marketing: If you don't differentiate yourself from others, you will be dead in the water. Sometimes it is difficult to write about yourself or your business. Let my team make sure you come across in the right way. We can help you explain your offering and give you the appeal that will move your project or idea forward.  

Political Campaign Management: Do you need government approvals to move your project forward?  Working in the government approvals arena can often be a struggle for businesses. We have considerable experience in running statewide and local campaigns, and we can provide a comprehensive strategy while offering all parties a beneficial outcome. 

Data Analysis, Compliance and Fraud Detection: Do you suspect fraud inside your company or other business relationships? Are you heavily regulated? Let me review your oversite procedures and help you by providing in-house investigations or regulatory compliance audits. Audit and Fraud Background: As the owner, license holder and operator of two casinos in a young gaming district, Craig Ball worked closely with the newly formed Colorado Division of Gaming to design and program data analysis tools that could be used to tame the massive amount of data that is produced by the slot machine control systems. At first, the project parameters were a simple variance accounting tool, but later Craig was able to design features that were used to predict fraud on the casino floor. Craig used the available data to drive the pivot programming language that became the base for many years of use in his Colorado casino operations. The program later became the proprietary program that he used as a casino fraud consultant throughout gaming jurisdictions in the United States and Canada to find and prosecute gambling swindlers.

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