Craig Ball is a HS Football Coach in Colorado
Craig Ball
Helps people profit by envisioning their future

"We all spin the Wheel of Chance each day... 
let's be smart about it."

I am a casino gaming developer and operator, and I spend most of my time coaching and consulting those around me to capitalize on the shifts in the future.

Why use Spinwit?
Spinwit is simply an expression that I use when forecasting for profit. Spinwit combines an ability to embracing fast-moving advancement with the required intelligence to take advantage of what comes next. 

Spin = Change
Wit = Intelligence 

Use Spinwit to Take Advantage of Change
In gambling, sports, business, and in life you will encounter uncertainty when making important decisions. You must approach change with vigor, or you will be unprepared to capitalize on your unique opportunities.

I help athletes, companies, and individuals move confidently towards the future by offering a positive vision of change. I use my casino operations experience to add original perspectives when answering questions about what to do next.

My Services

Virtual Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Let me help you plan for your future with direct access to me as you take on new projects or contemplate a change in direction for your life or business. 

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - If you have a good idea about a project or service and need help with financing your idea...I can help bring in the right financing or investors. The financing arena is full of sharks and charlatans, I can bring my considerable experience to bear on your behalf. 

Business Plan Development - If you don't differentiate yourself from others you will be dead in the water. Sometimes it is difficult to write about yourself or your business, let me make sure you come across the right way. I can help you explain your offering and give you the appeal that will move your project or idea forward.  

Political Campaign Management - Do you need government approvals to move your project forward?  Working in the government approval arena is often something businesses struggle with. I have considerable experience in running national and statewide campaigns and I can provide support all the way down to the City Hall level.  

Contract Me

You can contract my services by the hour, week or month. 

Hour: $80
Week: $2,000
Month: $6,000

Contact me with questions and/or special request for services. 

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How do you find the time to work on a project that will move you to a new level?

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