Track Team Warm-up Routine

-Shoes Off-

Toe Walks: 10 yards back and forth
  1. up tall on tippy toes
  2. toes in on tippy toes
  3. toes out on tippy toes
  4. on heals, toes up
  5. outside of feet
  6. inside of feet
  7. grip and rip
  1. Ankle Rolls - 10 each direction
  2. Knee Rolls - 10 each direction
  3. Hip rotation - 10 each direction
  4. Trunk rotation - 10 each direction
  5. Kneck stretch - front, back, left, right
-Shoes On-

Each Skipping Exercise is 20 yards up and back
Perform each with grace and purpose
  1. skipping with arm rolls forward and backward
  2. skipping with arms one at a time forward and backward
  3. skipping with arms in the opposite direction
  4. skipping with hugs
  5. sideways skipping with big arms
  6. karaoke up and back
Dynamic Stretches:
  1. Roll forward and backward into hurdle stretch
  2. Leg swing rolling back and forth
  3. Reverse leg swing on stomach back and forth
  4. Leg splits on shoulders
  5. Leg Swings: Sideways back and forth left and right leg x 10 times each - Forward and backward leg swings right and left leg x 10 times each
Running Drills:
  1. Nut Crackers
  2. A-Skip
  3. B-Skip
  4. High Knees
  5. Striders x 30-70 meters 3-5 reps

Watch Video of Each Warm-Up Routine Exercise Below