Class Notes: A Google a Day Notes for Jan 15, 2019

1. Who was appointed to the High Court of Australia on the same day that the first woman was appointed to that bench?

John Toohey

  • To look at the different people involved in the building
  • Look up first woman apt. bench in Australia and then reveal first letters, then find one that matches

2. In what kind of building will you find the 15 x 29 ft. mural created for the husband of Beatrice d'Este?


  • Look up Beatrice's husband and then look up where his mural is.
  • Look up building types and also look up some background on who Beatrice is. USE YOUR HINTS
  • Look up where Buddhism is practice at.
  • Look up different kinds of churches because of the religious background in the question.

3. Who is the father of the woman whose child murdered Saddam Hussein’s bodyguard Kamel Hana Gegeo?

Kairallah Talfah

  • Search up the murderer of Kamel Hana Gegeo
  • Search up the father of the murderer’s mother
  • Remove the first H and you have your answer
  • Don't trust google’s spellings. Look up the family background as well.
  • Ask Joey for help ✔
  • Don't randomly