How to communicate in today's world - increase your value in a team environment

Here are the notes that I took while reading about what it takes to be a better communicator. The skill of working with others and creating something together is a skill that you should be working to improve as much as possible. The better that you are able to work with others to create will cause your value to rise in the modern world. 

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What’s in it for me? Prepare yourself for the collaborative economy.
The days of the rat race are over.

develop them in friendly teams and bring them to fruition for the benefit of all.

in fact the change has already begun

economy will reach a happy medium between a scenario where rivals fight for market position and one where they share ideas.

improve on your collaborative intelligence

your ability to work and generate ideas with others.

In a world where value is not just placed on things but also on ideas, collaboration has become the most important skill.

call a mind-share economy, wealth is based more on ideas and relationships than on transactions

generating, developing and executing ideas with other people one of our most valuable abilities

Understanding cognitive styles, thinking talents and blind spots will improve teamwork and communication.

Many people react to such questions by feeling attacked or stressed, but it’s better to consider where the person is coming from. This will help you see that your interrogator is actually embracing your idea, just from a different perspective.

Asking questions and accepting uncertainty will let you find inspiration and seek help from others.

But for questions to be beneficial it’s essential that you be comfortable with uncertainty. That’s because the best questions are not easily answered, and we shouldn’t expect ourselves to find simple solutions. However, we’re trained in school to come up with answers and even have competitions over answering the fastest.

As a result, questions that go unanswered tend to annoy us and we try to avoid them. But actually, being able to bear uncertainty is like exercising a mental muscle.

About the book:

Collaborative Intelligence (2015) is a guide to developing your own personal form of intelligence by utilizing your unique ways of thinking. These blinks will teach you how to identify and build on your strengths as well as those of others, while adjusting your communication accordingly.

About the author:

Dawna Markova is a renowned expert in the psychology of human learning and perception, and author of the famous book, Random Acts of Kindness.
Angie McArthur is co-founder of Smart Wired and an expert in communication and learning styles.
Together they are the CEOs of Professional Thinking Partner, a firm that helps companies and customers across the world assess their thinking potential and improve their collaborative capacity.