How HS Football can make a community stronger

The McLewis Bobkittens Orange Texas
My First Football Team #28: The McLewis Bobkittens 1973
Gilpin School has 61 boys attending HS this fall, and if it were up to me, we would suit up all 61 for the 2018 season to defend our new field. Not only do we have a new stadium to play in...the school has also provided us with all the best and safest equipment to protect our players. As a coaching staff, we teach each player how to play with confidence, and we instruct the safest tackling techniques all to avoid injuries.

The sport of HS Football can give so much to young men as they grow up, especially today as we compete with devices for their attention. Football is hard; you will fail, you will fail often. You will learn how to overcome obstacles. You will learn to plan and execute your strategy while becoming a vital member of a team. The real value of HS Football is learning to be part of something bigger than yourself, achieving lofty goals while growing strong in the face of adversity.

I have been proud of the football program that we have built at this small school in the mountains of Colorado. My job as the head coach is to teach more than just football; it is to help these boys develop into young men, ready to take on the world and become respectful, grateful and dynamic members of our society. Our football program has produced two out of the last three valedictorians here at Gilpin, and the list of accomplishments that our boys have gone on to achieve is impressive and will continue.

Football is one of the largest fraternities that anyone can belong to in this great country of ours. I am proud to be a member. You will never meet a football player that's not your brother. This Football Fraternity that all football payers share provides the benefits of membership long after your time on the field as a competitor has come to an end.

I will see you guys on the (new) field of battle this 2018 season.

-Coach Ball