Getting better at device input everyday

I am always talking about getting good at stuff in my classroom, and one of the big things that we work on is inputting. You have to make it fun, or it will feel like this.

How do you get better at something? Work on it.

How do you get better at something? Work on it.

We work to improve our inputting in four fundamental ways. I know that in the future that we will all have chips in our head, and most of these will be obsolete...but until that time we are going to get good at these basics.

The four primary ways to input information into your device or computer:

  • Visual: using your eyes to look at something and then typing to a device
  • Auditory: using your ears to listen to something and then typing to a device 
  • Original Thought: using your own brain to develop an original idea and then typing to a device
  • Speaking: Using speech to text to talk to a machine...whereby you input to a device with your voice

We use all but the last one in the class most of the time, and we work to get better at inputting every day. If it is is worth doing every day. Below is an example of one of the oral (Auditory) cases that I've used in class to produce skills practice.

As a bonus: I can provide short lessons on things like productivity or diet in the exercise.

Oral Typing Exercise(using just my voice while students input to a device)

The 4 Secrets to Being More Productive

In this typing exercise, I will use my skills to listen and type at the same time.

This typing exercise will require focus and concentration.

During this exercise, I will also learn about 4 ways to become more productive in my everyday life.

Electronic distractions and apps like Snapchat and Instagram are considered new ways to waste time, however, people have been finding ways to waste time for as long as man has been around.

Learning how to be more productive is not just about improving work or school, increased productivity can provide time to do fun stuff also.

  1. Protect your time like you would money: If people came up to you all day asking for $20 bucks, you would tell them to get lost. Don’t allow people or devices to take time away from you on things that don’t matter that much. 
  2. Manage your Emotions: Negativity can zap your productivity. Take the time to make sure you keep a positive attitude towards the task at hand.
  3. Important Beats Easy: There are only 24 hours in each day, use your time to look for ways to move closer to your goals. 
  4. Focus on Effort and Not Outcomes: You can’t control all outcomes, so focus on your choices and focus on the effort that you are using to move towards your goals.