Advice to Students as they move past school

Moving to the next level of anything can be tricky and when you're motivated and driven...there will be moments when you ask around for some advice.

During these transitions, you will find that advice about your future falls into one of two camps: Don't follow your dreams, i.e., get a job that pays...while the other camp endorses the idea that following your dreams and passions is the way to move forward.

I'm one of those that believe that your dreams build the foundation of happiness and success. If following your dream is the key, then it makes sense that you should spend your time doing something that fascinates you...inspires you. I'm not saying that it's the easy way because there is a have to be willing to do the hard things that are related to your passion...sometimes with little recognition or compensation. Following your dreams will actually be harder in the short-run.

Coach Ball Quote about advice for young people

Find out what really excites you and become a practitioner of your work. If you want to be a writer for example...then you need to write every day. A need to sing. An Athlete, a Doctor, an get the point. You have to do the work.

We often leave out one of the most essential parts of pursuing a high goal...that forgotten part is RIGOR. When you've identified a thing that you care about, you don't just dream on it, hope on it or pray on it, you have to take actionable steps each day that will bring you closer to achieving that goal.

Figure out what the really hard steps are to achieving your goal is...and then do those really hard steps. When you've chosen to strive higher you will be constantly under pressure to spend your time doing different things...following your dream will force you to say NO a lot more than the others around you. If you are pursuing something big or have to say NO to so many going out at night...meeting new people, to having fun. In some cases, you may even be forced to say NO to more money if it causes a conflict with your goals.

In the end...all of this hard work and sacrifice is worth it because ultimately you will be able to do all those things that you thought you wanted to do by creating a life for yourself filled with total engagement and joy. You want to set everything up in a way where each morning when you wake are confident, appreciative and happy to face each new day.

Good Luck!