Gilpin Football 2017 Season Summary

Record: 7-3
7 Game-Winning Streak
Invited to State Playoffs

All-State Awards
Austin Boulter-2nd Team
Jack Ball-HM
Manny Gomez-HM
Link to the All-State Awards Page

All-Conference Awards
Austin Boulter - First Team RB
Jack Ball - First Team RB
Manny Gomez - First Team LB
Josh Trujillo - First Team LB
Angel Gomez - First Team CB
Jake Duncan - First Team NG
Stephen King - HM Special Teams

*Austin Boulter was voted as Player of the Year in our Conference and will be representing Gilpin Football in the All-State Game to be played on June 1st, 2018

Watch the 2017 Highlight Film
Link to Gilpin Football Game Film

The 2017 Gilpin Football Seniors
Manny Gomez, Josh Trujillo, Austin Boulter, Jack Ball, John Immordino and Tristan Froio


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