You have to be good at good at these 3 things

You don't have to let just anyone impact your mind or life.

You get to designate those that have access to this special space.

You get to favor some over others.

As a should always give more than you take...but that's not everyone's rule.

Be compassionate. Be helpful. Be inclusive. Be positive...but don't let those around you have the power to pull you downwards.

Get good at these three skills:
Be good at cooperating with those that offer help from above.

Be good at offering assistance to those needing help up.

Be good at fending off those that have negative impact on your mind or life

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Remember this Post about Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and will need all of these virtues to take advantage of your new skills.

Comment and Activity: Go to the two links above and re-read both posts. From there...comment on how prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance each play a role in helping you sharpen skills of cooperation, assistance and fending off negativity.

Be compassionate and helpful. Be inclusive and positive. Don't let others have a negative influence on you.