Here is the one key to maximizing your natural talent

I've seen so much expected from raw much talent wasted. This world is full of talented people that have never made anything of themselves or strove to help others. There is something special about a person that works harder than others...puts in the work...when the others around them least on paper...more-talented than them. The old adage - Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard - is a concept that many underdogs attribute to their ultimate is a real thing. Don't waste your natural talent...charge the right side of the hills...and always work harder than those around you. 

Classroom Quote:
The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity. 
-Joshua Waitzkin

Joshua Waitzkin is an American that has been a U.S. Chess Champion, Martial Artist, and Author. Joshua's main books focus on Learning and Optimal Performances. Here is his website


  1. From: LinkedIn Roundup...Swiss bank UBS may shed 30,000 workers in coming years as technological advances reshape the banking industry, CEO Sergio Ermotti told Bloomberg. But there is a silver lining, he says: "You can have 30 percent less, but the jobs are going to be much more interesting jobs, where the human content is crucial to the delivery of the service." He also notes that the adoption of new technologies won’t be immediate — "it's not the Big Bang; it's going to be very gradual” — although an Accenture study found that three-quarters of bankers expect AI to become the primary means of customer communication within three years. • Share your thoughts: #UBScuts

  2. I think i'm good at art, more so drawing.

  3. I think i'm really good at making myself focus, when needed.

  4. I'm good at listening to people.

  5. Today I was asked what I am good at. I took me some time to think but I realized I am good at acting and chemistry. I am good at chores and caring for other people. Now I ask you the same what are you good at?

  6. I am good at special effect make up.


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